Miaufinder 2 – the cat tracker without GPS subscription

Does your cat love freedom, is curious and is always on the move?
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What can the Miaufinder 2 do for you?

The tracking device of Miaufinder 2 enables you to find your cat quickly anytime. The Miaufinder 2 can accurately locate your cat down to centimetre. Protect your cat with the intelligence Miaufinder.

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Where is your cat?

The Miaufinder 2 can locate your cat everywhere.

Whether your cat be in the cellar, stuck in the garage,  under the car or even far away in the woods, a signal will always be sent.

Thanks to a small transmitter attached to the collar, your cat can easily be localised.

Miaufinder 2 has a unique dual directional technology system that gives you both audio and visual cues to guide you right to your cat.

Intelligent and modern technology


Made in Germany
Super small and light – only 12 g (including battery)
Long battery life – approximately 3 months
Easy battery change
New cat collar fastening system
Transmitter battery level display on the receiver
Temperature information
No monthly subscription fees that you normally have with the GPS providers
'Home-zone' with alarm
Splash water resistant
The Miaufinder can locate your furry friend everywhere. The transmitter has a wireless signal within a 1,5 kilometre (0.93 mile) range.

Miaufinder 2 at glance.

In the Maiufinder set you will find one receiver and one transmitter for the collar. With the new fasteners you can attach the transmitter to the cat's collar without hassle.

In order to find your cat, you simply need to switch it on and then hold the receiver for a few moments in different directions until it can establish a link. This is link is then showed on the display. The display will show you the direction of where your cat can be located.

The Maiufinder is ideal for up to 10 cats and can accurately locate your pet down to the centimetre.

Why should I choose the Maiufinder 2?

  • The Miaufinder locates your cat even indoors. This is much more effective than GPS, and ideal for finding your feline friend in those tricky hiding places.
  • The Miaufinder weighs only 12 grams including the battery. GPS transmitters are too heavy for your cat.
  • One-off payment with no monthly charges. Miaufinder 2 is designed to be a one-off buy. With no hidden charges or rental costs, it's a single payment to protect your cat for years. No expensive cost of service as with GPS transmitters. GPS transmitters can cost more than 1,000 € over several years. You then have additional costs for the accumulating batteries for the GPS device.
  • Long battery life (up to 3 months). The battery of GPS tracking devices stop just after a few hours in the search mode and then when the battery is empty, you cannot locate your cat.
  • The Miaufinder-receiver always shows the current battery level from the transmitter. Therefore you can easily monitor the battery status and replace the battery when necessary.
  • No radiation. GPS transmitters send data over the GSM mobile network. This can expose your cat to the GPS tracking devices rays.
  • The Miaufinder sends you the current temperature of the location your cat. This will allow you to assess whether your cat is in the cool cellar, a heated house or outside in the sun. The Miaufinder is the only cat locating device with this useful function.
  • The Miaufinder has been established on the market since 2007 and knows the needs of customers.
  • The Miaufinder fastening system was developed for all major cat collars. You can use your favoured Cat Collar and attach the transmitters quickly and easily.
  • Long range about 1,5 kilometer (0.93 miles). The range covers the area of your cat. Reach fluctuates depending on whereabouts of your cat.


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Where can I buy the Miaufinder 2?

The Miaufinder is available in the online shop.

How long is the delivery time from Miaufinder 2?

The delivery time is a few days. Depending on the country, the delivery time may be delayed.

What distinguishes the Miaufinder 2 from competitors?

The Miaufinder 2 has been successfully established on the market for many years and therefore knows the needs of customers. The experience and the quality speak for Miaufinder.

The Miaufinder transmitter is very small, super light and does not affect your cat. Competitive products are much too heavy and too large for your cat.

The Miaufinder transmitter sends a radio signal. Whether in the basement, in the garage or under the car. With Miaufinder cat locating is possible anywhere. GPS cat tracking devices work only under the open sky. Even in a forest or in bad weather conditions - GPS struggle to function during these situations.

No serious radiation exposure to cats and humans. GPS transmitters and associated products cause radiations.

No hidden costs. Competitors often offer expensive subscriptions. The cost of a subscription quickly amount to several hundred Euros. Lose your cat, stay sitting on the subscription. With Miaufinder you pay only the purchase price.

No constant battery replacement. The transmitter battery will last several months in continuous mode. With competitive products, the battery lasts only a few days. Imagine, you want your missing cat and the transmitter battery is empty!

Which country will the Miaufinder 2 work?

The Miaufinder 2 is approved and used throughout Europe.

Is the Miaufinder water-resistant and shock protected?

The Miaufinder is splash-proof and very robust.

Can I return my product?

Within 14 days you can return the Miaufinder and receive a full price refund. Please note that we can only refund the product if the items are completely intact and in the original packaging.

How long is the warranty/guarantee?

We provide a 2 year warranty on the Miaufinder. This covers defective parts that are attributable to material or functions will be corrected free of charge.

What are the delivery costs incurred with the order?

Shipment to Germany: 6,90 €
Shippment to Austria and Switzerland: 15,00 €
Shippment to Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, France, Great Britain, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary: 15,00 €
Our deliveries are of course insured.

Does the Miaufinder work even if my cat wearing a chip?

The Miaufinder works even if your cat carries a chip (Tasso or chip to open the cat flap).

I have no signal, what can I do?

Since you have the option of setting up a Home Zone, you always have the opportunity to locate your cat. If you do not receive a signal, please search whilst on a higher point such as a balcony or roof terrace. I.d.R. this is sufficient already to obtain a signal.

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