MiauFinder – Wireless tracker for cats without GPS subscription

  • Tracker range up to 1,500 m in open terrain
  • Cat detection up to 250 m in buildings
  • 12g lightweight, compact collar tracker
  • expandable up to 10 trackers (for 10 cats in total)
  • no monthly follow-up costs (no GPS subscription, no contract necessary)
  • up to 3 months battery power (transmitter)
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Miaufinder Tracker mit Katze

Tracking cats with the Tracker

MiauFinder is a radio based cat tracker, it contains a receiver (tracker) and one or more tracking devices. Cat tracking is also possible in GPS inaccessible areas such as buildings, basements or garages.

The Tracker has the following functions:

  • Modern touchscreen display with self-explanatory menu navigation
  • Temperature indicator of the transmitter indicates whether your pet is outdoors or indoors
  • Invisible fence with alarm function is a warning system if the cat leaves a certain radius
  • Battery level indicator of the transmitter and receiver on the tracker display
  • With a range of up to 1.5 km depending on the environment, you always have your cat in view.
  • Independent of GPS satellites and no SIM cards required.
Katzen Tracker und Sender

MiauFinder Set

Let's go! MiauFinder - Buy Cat Tracker, switch on, start search mode and follow the direction signal on the display. Cat location accurate to a few inches.

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How does cat tracking work with MiauFinder?


Transmitter for the cat collar

The wearing comfort of your cat is important to us, that's why our transmitter is one of the smallest and lightest in the world. Advantages of the transmitter at a glance:

  • up to 9 additional transmitters can be ordered for your cat tracker
  • 12 grams light & only 1cm x 3cm compact
  • up to 3 months battery life (transmitter)
  • Battery easily replaceable
  • suitable for every cat collar
  • Splash-proof & robust
  • Operating temperature: approx. -20 to approx. + 40 degrees Celsius
  • transmits ordinary radio waves (no radiation exposure for animals or humans)
Order additional transmitters

A transmitter device only works in conjunction with a MiauFinder tracker. If you don't own a tracker yet, we recommend buying a MiauFinder Set. The MiauFinder set includes 1 tracker.

Katzen Tracker und Peilsender im Miaufinder Set

Cat tracking with the MiauFinder

After switching to the tracker, the device starts to receive data from the transmitter. If there are several cats, use the touch screen display to set to tracker to the specified cat . Next, use the touch screen. rotate 360 degrees to determine which direction has the strongest signal.

The strength of the signal is given as a percentage scale and starts at 1%. At 99% you have the strongest signal. An additional function - to locate a cat via an acoustic signal. You can use headphones (included) to locate the cat.

Miaufinder Box

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Radio Tracker Advantages over GPS

  • Cat tracking is also possible indoors. GPS trackers for cats often only locate cats outdoors - indoors GPS devices do not work.
  • The tracker weighs only 12 grams, GPS tracking devices weigh a lot more and are usually larger.
  • With our technology you don't have a contract, therefore no monthly follow-up costs and no GPS subscription costs.
  • The battery of the transmitter lasts about 3 months. The battery of a GPS tracker often lasts only a few hours in search mode.
  • Our cat receiver always shows the current battery level of the transmitter on the display so you can replace the battery early enough.
  • The transmitter always transmits the current temperature of the location of your cat and indicates whether your cat is in a cool cellar, in a heated house or in the sun. The MiauFinder is the only cat locator with this helpful feature.
  • With the MiauFinder you can use your favourite cat collar and attach the transmitter easily and quickly.
  • The average outdoor linear distance range is about 1.5 km. This covers your cat's territory. Fluctuations in the search radius could depend on the location. The extent of the radio waves depend on the environment where the cat tracker is used. Outdoors you will achieve best results up to 1500 metres. The range is reduced if, for example, buildings made of concrete walls are located between the receiver and the transmitter. Unlike GPS Trackers, it is still possible to locate a cat in a garage, under a car or in a cellar of a house. The temperature indicator on the tracker helps you determine whether the cat is outdoors or indoors. Thanks to the combination of radio waves and the temperature of the receiver, finding a cat is a piece of cake.
Miaufinder Set: Tracker & Sender

MiauFinder Set

See for yourself. Click here for the MiauFinder tracker and direction finder.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Didn't find the answers to your questions?

We are looking forward to your message via our contact form. You can reach us under: Contact form

How long does the delivery take?

The delivery time is a few days. Depending on the country, the delivery time may be delayed.

Is a mobile phone network required for locating?

The MiauFinder is not a GPS tracker, it is independent from a mobile network.

What distinguishes your cat tracker from competitors?

MiauFinder has been successfully established on the market for many years and therefore knows the needs of the customers. The experience and the quality speak for our product. The tracker transmitter is very small and light weighing only 12 grams and does not affect your cat. GPS direction finders are often too heavy and too big for cats. Our Miaufinder transmits a radio signal. Unlike GPS tracking, cat tracking is possible anywhere. No harmful radiation exposure for cats and humans. For our cat tracker you only pay the purchase price once. There are no hidden follow-up costs, no subscriptions or contracts, like with GPS trackers. No constant loading, as with GPS Trackers. The battery of the transmitter can hold for several months in continuous mode.

In which countries does the MiauFinder work?

Our cat tracking device has been approved and can be used throughout Europe. There are no GPS or contract restrictions.

Is the MiauFinder protected against water and shocks?

The transmitter is splash-proof and very robust.

My cat tracker does not locate my cat, what can I do?

As you have the possibility to set up a home zone, you always have the possibility to locate your pet. If no reception is indicated, please check from a higher point e.g. balcony or roof terrace. Normally, this is sufficient to receive a signal.

Does the cat search also work if a pet carries a chip?

The MiauFinder also works if your cat carries a chip (Tasso or chip to open the cat flap). There are no restrictions on cat location.


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